Hello, I am Izabela Dobran,
Marketing manager
specialized in content marketing skilled in web design, graphic design, motion graphic design, video editing and PP presentations.

My expertise is to ensure the entire in-life and on-line existence of the Client through a variety of content created specifically in accordance with the client's requirements. My goal is to convey his message and emotion through pictures, moving graphics and typography

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Far far away, behind the non-sense, far from the confusion and letargy, there lives the content marketing. It is build from smart images and carefully selected words to capture prospect's attention, create atmosphere, convey message, build opinion, attitude, induce strong desire for possesing, trigger purchase action, maintain shopping pleasure. All the emotions, opinions, thinkings, views, minds, beleifs, judgements, intents floating in a large image language ocean. Enjoy on a coast chossing pleasures for you. Feel easy, clear, during completing your mission.

Marketing managment

Specialised in content marketig, digital marketing, brending and visual identity

I can manage for Company to stand competent in highly thriving competition in the market. I can also help to develop strategies to improve profits and reduce the cost of products. My main skills are *Writing and public speaking skills, that helps you present ideas clearly and effectively to customers, decision makers, and private clients, *SEO fundamentals that help you make decisions about how to direct campaigns on digital platforms, *Analytical skills that help you sort and analyze data to evaluate the success of marketing campaigns, *Creative thinking that empower you to generate new ideas for compelling campaigns and marketing strategy, *Interpersonal skills that equip you to work closely and collaborate with advertising, public relations, and customer service departments, *Project management skills that prepare for you set of goals, track progress, meet deadlines, and manage teams, *Technical skills, particularly with project management, email marketing, SEO and presentation software, can equip you to complete tasks with greater efficiency, *Leadership skills that help you to motivate marketing team members and delegate tasks to the right people.

Other skills

My list of awesome skills.

The goals are to meet potential customers, New market penetration, easy targeting, spreading messages and developing a brand and generate profit. I use few different methods to maintan your business. Benefits from a well-made web presence is that is global, for free or at very low cost, feedback, multyple selection, endless possibilities of graphic, motion and web design

Web Design

Creating layout and emphasize important visual elements of the website toward established visual identity, assigned purpose and the entire atmosphere. Also highlighting titles, headings, ads, key benefits lines, testimonials, all important elements for readers’ eyes to land on . Here I deal with rhitam, consistency and unity of website body content.

Graphic Design

Creating brand new image or following ongoing marketing, I make printable advertising material and social network cover images. Wide spectar of styles and latest trends in graphic design, from imagery and color scheme to the size, shape, depth and thickness of your font, consider how your ad will complement your overall message and how your target audience will react.

Motion Graphic Design

Motion design is the third element of posts certainly a new and more advanced element in social network management. Moving headlines, messages, calls to action, flipping pictures certainly draw the attention of social network visitors. Dynamics matter as much as the image and the text that is triggered.

Video Editing

Creating meaningful video content or advertising from several videos with appropriate transitions and accompanying visual effects can be one of the most productive aspects of your marketing. It is the most mature and complex form of advertising. It requires overall knowledge, graphic design, branding, content marketing, post production, after effects and much more.

PP presentations

Very powerfool tool of presentation for individuals and group of people. The reason of well-made, proffesional presentation is that this gives a sense of confidence, provides recognition, certainly authenticity, credibility and other qualities with which we build an image of a company or brand.

Pre-press design

Outdoor and indoor adverising is one of the most powerfool marketing tool, providing a great visual impact on the target market. The most effective are big formats as billboards, baners on buildings, bus banches and bus shelters. All kind of printed material is used for advertisin events.


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Products made during 15 years of work are not even posible to count, not to show it eather. It can be hinted at through maturity, creativity and quality workmanship.

What is the purpose of advertising

Advertising has several important goals: to introduce the market to a product, service, event,to inform, to convince or remind customers to make a repeat purchase.

Informational advertising creates awareness of brands, products, services and ideas.
He announces new products and programs and can educate people about the attributes
and benefits of new or established ones products.
There are many types of advertising, here are some common ones.

1. On-line / web presents

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Digital material
* PPC /Pay Per Advertising - pay Ads
depend on SEM / Search Engine Marketing and budget
*Soc Media Advertising - zero paid included depend on SEM / Search Engine Marketing Call-to-action buttons are included
*Broadcast advertising Comprise of mass-market media, radio or TV
*Mobile advertisments Digital advertising for smartphones, apps, apps paid Viber contact, Free or Ads stickers

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2. Outdoor and indoor advertising

Printed Material
*Outdoor advertising
With outdoor advertising, companies can promote their products and services people in public places or on the road. The advertising medium is located at places with high traffic in order to ensure maximum visibility of promotional materials in large formats. Common places for outdoor advertising are billboards, scrolls, vehicles, walls, buildings in the process of building or constructing facades and fences and benches near bus stops, telephone kiosks and news stands. Billboards could even be in digital format.
*Indoor advertising
This indoor advertising medium is perfect for companies with a small advertising budget. But the advertising medium provides great value for money since it can be used repeatedly. Indoor advertising displays the promotional message in enclosed spaces, such as: shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, theatres, supermarkets, restrooms, airports, schools, and clubs. The advertising material is generally used in presentations, exhibitions, publicity campaigns, fashion events, and retail spaces. It is an affordable advertising medium as it is easy to carry around, portable, and removable. The most common are: Pop-up banners, Pop-up counters, Roll up banners, Custom Fabric banners Portable counters, Exhibition Stand displays, Backdrop pannels, floor graphics, hangers, mockups, shelves with printed advertising material or products and small sized printing material such as: eaflets, broshures, pamphlets, door hangers and others.

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3. Brending shops, retails, oficces, public institution

Printed material and 3D objects A brand is a set of values, beliefs, feelings, and perceptions that help people identify a particular entity as distinct from others. It can be defined as the sum total of all things that make an organization stand out from its competitors. Brandingworking space is a marketing strategy that aims at increasing customer engagement levels by associating your products with certain personality traits that make them unique compared to their competitors in the marketplace. It also helps in building up a strong customer relationship which leads to increased sales volume over time. Recommendation is to invest in quality of advertising material because of durability and exposure to customers and employees. The most common is one-way-vision foil, sand foil and cutter foil for shop windows, Wallpaper or pictures on the walls, Reception desk branding, floor Graphics, 3D Logo objects, solid material totems

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4. Corporate gift items

The reason for marketing giveaways is simple: the state of marketing isn't what it used to be. Now it's easier than ever for you (and your competitors) to contact your customers and prospects directly and daily. As a result, your prospects and customers are oversaturated emails, irrelevant ad messages, and unwanted cold calls — that are hard to combat. Sending a marketing gift is a great way to break through the noise and connect with people on a human level. You only need to come up with something useful and interesting and the customer will keep it for himself, and you will always be in his closest surroundings and remind him of your brand. Leaflets, broshures, pamphlets, door hangers, boxes, fridge magnets, and diferent usful things such as: pens, key chains, caps, hats, T-shirts, mouse pads, Bluetooth headphones, boxes and bags and other small items.

About me

This is what I am

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I am proficient to make the complete visual identity of some company, based on their vision. All kinds of web presence, design for printed material and PowerPoint presentations. Also, I can create and maintain social networking for clients.

Main skills

Author image Content Marketing Specialist Digital marketer

I am marketing strategiest, I can design, organize and provide overall web presence. All based on Content Marketing and User Experiance. I am responsible for writing, editing, and developing content for the needs of digital campaigns. I have Content marketing certification, Basic SEO skills, writing skills, picture and animation editing skills.

Author image Graphic Designer/Motion Graphic designer Ps / Ae / Pr

I am skilled to develope original animations over edited pictures or movies ensuring thet Company's highist standards and Client's requirements are fully met. I can make project complete within budget. I perform various technical editorial tasks and stay up-to-date with current market trends.

Author image Pre-press designer indoor and outdoor advertising

Prepress is an extension of graphic design. A must in branding is education and experience in print. Different materials and different forms of displays give different effects. Inadequate press, regardless of the amount of investment in branding, indicates unprofessionalism and reduces the value of the brand itself.

Author image WEB Designer/Web Developer HTML5 / CSS

Certified Web Designer with 10+ years of experience in web design. Comprehensive experience with Visual Design, Typography, Responsive and Mobile Web & Custom CMS design in E-commerce and B2B niches. Redesigned an international client website resulting in significant increase in conversions.

My work process

My goals

Your first steps
I can convert into walk

It involves identifying goals, opportunities, markets, customers. The main conductor is content marketing which precisely defines the final product from the idea and finds out a way to convey the message and emotion to the target group.


Images, typography, colors, patterns, size, shapes, tempo, movements, all put together into one thought, idea, emotion, or atmosphere, aimed at making a connection with the observer. Eye catcher solutions are for start.


All products and connections require development. As the market changes and evolves, its products must keep pace with the change. The goal is to gain loyalty and win a recommendation. The process of development is never final.


The world wide web is the place and space where I deliver a service and product. Delivery quality is measured by the number of visits, views, likes, comments, subscribers and followers.

My offer to you

Cooperation with me can provide you with overall advertising and branding. Considering that I have been working for years in different areas of marketing such as design, space branding, organizing events, and promotion, as well as working in a printing house, which gave me exceptional experience in working with different materials.

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